Step away from the ordinary and enter the captivating realm of Indian Handbag Brands! Whether you’re a fashionista craving statement pieces or a budget-savvy seeker of everyday essentials, India’s thriving bag scene has something for everyone.

From the exquisite craftsmanship of Hidesign’s premium leathers to the playful pops of color in Baggit’s trendy totes, prepare to be swept away by a whirlwind of style and functionality.

What is a Handbag? A handbag, also known as a purse in American English or pocketbook in some parts of the US, is a medium-to-large-sized bag carried by hand or with a strap to hold personal items.

Best Handbag Brands in India

Handbag BrandsHandbags CategoryDescription
HidesignLuxuryPremium leather goods, timeless and elegant
Lino PerrosLuxuryInnovative designs, exotic materials, bold and statement-making
Da MilanoLuxuryItalian leather bags, sophisticated and understated
LavieMid-rangeStylish and affordable handbags, with a wide range of designs
BaggitMid-rangeTrendy and functional bags, with a variety of styles
CapreseMid-rangeClassic and elegant bags, well-made and affordable
Sling bagsBudget-friendlyTrendy and affordable sling bags, perfect for everyday use
AccessorizeBudget-friendlyLarge selection of bags at reasonable prices, a mix of trendy and classic styles
WestsideBudget-friendlyIndian department store’s line of bags, stylish and affordable
Best Handbag Brands

Luxury Handbag Brands in India

Luxury Handbag Brands in India
Luxury Handbag Brands in India

Hidesign Handbag:

This brand is synonymous with premium leather goods, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Their bags are timeless and elegant, designed to last a lifetime. Best Combination with Branded Kurtis.

Lino Perros Handbag:

Another high-end label, Lino Perros is known for its innovative designs and use of exotic materials. Their bags are bold and statement-making, perfect for the fashion-forward individual.

Da Milano Handbag:

Specializing in Italian leather bags, Da Milano offers sophisticated pieces with a touch of understated luxury. Their bags are perfect for work or special occasions. Also, check for Best Perfume for Women in India for more.

Mid Range Handbag Brands in India

Mid Range Handbag Brands in India
Mid Range Handbag Brands in India

Lavie Handbag:

This popular brand is known for its stylish and affordable handbags. They offer various designs in different materials, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect bag for any occasion.

Baggit Handbag:

Another well-loved brand, Baggit is known for its trendy and functional bags. They offer a variety of styles, from totes and slings to backpacks and wallets.

Caprese Handbag:

This brand is a go-to for classic and elegant bags. Their pieces are well-made and affordable, making them a great value for the price. & perfect match with Branded Ethnic Wear.

Budget Friendly Handbag Brands in India

Budget Friendly Handbag Brands in India
Budget Friendly Handbag Brands in India

Slingbags Handbag:

This online store offers a wide variety of trendy and affordable sling bags. They’re perfect for everyday use or a night out.

Accessorize Handbag:

This international brand has a large selection of bags at very reasonable prices. They offer a mix of trendy and classic styles.

Westside Handbag:

This Indian department store has a line of bags that are both stylish and affordable. They offer a variety of styles for all occasions.

Most Popular Handbag Types

Most Popular Handbag Types
Most Popular Handbag Types

Handbag By Size:

  • Tote Bags: Spacious and open-topped, totes are perfect for carrying everyday essentials like laptops, books, and groceries. Ideal for work, errands, or a beach day.
  • Shoulder Bags: Medium-sized bags with a single shoulder strap, offering versatile functionality for daily use. They come in various structures, from slouchy hobos to structured satchels.
  • Crossbody Bags: Worn diagonally across the body, these hands-free bags provide security and convenient access to your belongings. Available in various sizes, perfect for travel, sightseeing, or running errands.
  • Clutches: Small, handheld bags for evening occasions or a night out. They can be minimalist or embellished, adding a touch of glamour.

Handbag By Structure:

  • Bucket Bags: Cylindrical bags with a drawstring closure, offering a casual and bohemian vibe. They can be small or large, perfect for weekend trips or everyday essentials.
  • Sling Bags: Similar to cross bodies but smaller and often one-strap, ideal for carrying phone, wallet, and keys for quick errands or outings.
  • Backpacks: Practical and hands-free, backpacks are perfect for students, travelers, or anyone carrying heavier items. They come in various styles, from sporty to sleek.
  • Bowsling Bags: A fusion of belt bag and fanny pack, worn around the waist or across the body. Trendy and convenient for carrying essentials hands-free.

Handbag By Material:

  • Leather Handbag: A classic and durable material, offering timeless elegance and sophistication.
  • Canvas Handbag: Casual and lightweight, perfect for everyday use or weekend trips.
  • Nylon Handbag: Practical and water-resistant, ideal for travel or outdoor activities.
  • Straw Handbag: Chic and summery, perfect for beach days or casual outings.

Conclusion: These are just a few of the many great Indian bag brands out there. When choosing a bag, it’s important to consider your budget, style, and needs. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect bag to complement your wardrobe.

FAQs on Handbags

Which brand is best for bags in India?

“Several brands offer quality bags in India. Popular choices include Lavie, Caprese, Hidesign, and Baggit. The best brand depends on personal preferences and the type of bag you’re looking for.”

What is the top handbag brand?

“Determining the top handbag brand can be subjective, as it varies based on individual preferences. Some globally recognized brands include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.”

Is Lavie a luxury brand?

“Lavie is not typically considered a luxury brand. It is known for offering stylish and affordable handbags with a focus on contemporary designs.”

Which is better Lavie or Caprese?

“Choosing between Lavie and Caprese depends on personal style preferences. Both brands offer fashionable and functional handbags. Consider factors such as design, size, and budget.”

What is the most famous handbag brand?

“Several brands are renowned for their handbags. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès are often considered among the most famous and prestigious handbag brands globally.”

What is a luxury bag?

“A luxury bag is typically associated with high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and a prestigious brand name. Luxury bags often come with a higher price tag and are considered a symbol of status and style.”

Which luxury bags are affordable?

“While luxury bags are generally associated with a higher price range, some brands offer more affordable options. Look for entry-level luxury bags from brands like Michael Kors or Coach.”

What type of handbag is in fashion?

“Fashion trends for handbags can vary, but crossbody bags, tote bags, and bucket bags are currently popular. Mini and micro bags are also trendy, as well as those with unique shapes and designs.”