Which are the Top Sherwani Brands in India? For the discerning Indian groom or any man seeking a touch of regal elegance, a sherwani is the ultimate statement piece. But with so many brands available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

This blog post unveils the Top 10 Sherwani in India, catering to diverse styles and budgets:

What is Sherwani men’s? “A sherwani is a traditional Indian men’s outfit, often worn on special occasions like weddings and festivals. It is a long coat-like garment, usually paired with churidar pants or trousers. Sherwanis are known for their ethnic elegance and intricate detailing.”

Note: Measure your Sherwani Size before making an online purchase. & Don’t forget to wear the branded vest under the Sherwani for a complete outfit. and importantly Suit Brands and Sherwani are completely different from each other.

Best Sherwani Brands in India:

Best Sherwani Brands in India:
Best Sherwani Brands in India:
Sherwani BrandsSherwani USPsSherwani Occasions
Manyavar SherwaniWide variety, caters to various styles and budgetsWeddings, festive wear, formal occasions
Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla SherwaniLuxury, intricate designs, exceptional craftsmanshipWeddings, special occasions
Raghavendra Rathore SherwaniRoyal elegance, Jodhpuri Bandhgala styleWeddings, formal occasions
Sabyasachi SherwaniUnique and designer piecesWeddings, special occasions
The House of Angad SherwaniContemporary take on traditional sherwanisWeddings, festive wear, pre-wedding functions
Rohit Bal SherwaniIntricate details, luxurious fabrics, varied stylesWeddings, formal occasions
Tarun Tahiliani SherwaniClassic and timeless look with a modern touchWeddings, formal occasions
Shervani by Sojanya SherwaniA mix of traditional and contemporary styles, rich fabrics, intricate embroideryWeddings, festive wear, formal occasions
Acharya’s SherwaniWide range of designs and price pointsWeddings, groomsmen, festive wear
Diwan Saheb SherwaniTraditional sherwanis, high-quality fabrics, intricate embroidery, bespoke serviceWeddings, formal occasions
Best Sherwani in India List
  1. Manyavar: A household name, Manyavar boasts a vast selection of sherwanis in various colors, fabrics, and designs. They cater to traditional and modern aesthetics, making them a popular choice for all budgets.
  2. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla: Epitomizing luxury, their sherwanis are celebrity favorites, known for intricate designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative details.
  3. Raghavendra Rathore: Renowned for their royal and sophisticated Jodhpuri Bandhgala sherwanis, this brand uses high-quality fabrics and meticulous tailoring for timeless pieces.
  4. Sabyasachi: A top designer label, Sabyasachi offers a curated collection of exquisite sherwanis. They’re ideal for those seeking a unique and designer piece for a special occasion.
  5. The House of Angad: This brand offers a contemporary twist on traditional sherwanis, incorporating modern cuts and silhouettes while preserving the garment’s essence.
  6. Rohit Bal: Another leading designer brand, Rohit Bal offers a variety of sherwanis, from understated elegance to heavily embellished creations, focusing on intricate details and luxurious fabrics.
  7. Tarun Tahiliani: Known for reviving traditional Indian textiles and crafts, Tarun Tahiliani’s sherwanis are perfect for those seeking a classic and timeless look with a modern touch.
  8. Shervani by Sojanya: This brand offers a variety of sherwanis in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, known for their rich fabrics and intricate embroidery work.
  9. Acharya’s: A popular Delhi brand, Acharya’s offers a wide range of sherwanis for weddings, groomsmen, and festive occasions, catering to various designs and price points.
  10. Diwan Saheb: Another Delhi-based brand, Diwan Saheb is known for its traditional sherwanis, crafted with high-quality fabrics and intricate embroidery. They also offer a bespoke service for customized options.

Difference Between a Kurta and a Sherwani?

Difference Between a Kurta and a Sherwani
Difference Between a Kurta and a Sherwani

“The main difference between a kurta and a sherwani lies in their formality and embellishments. A kurta is a more casual and simple tunic, while a sherwani is a more formal and heavily embellished outfit, often worn on special occasions like weddings.”

Selecting the Perfect Sherwani:

Selecting the Perfect Sherwani
Selecting the Perfect Sherwani

Finding the perfect sherwani can be an exciting, yet daunting, task. Here are some crucial tips to guide your selection:

1. Consider the Sherwani Occasion:

  • Formal occasions: Opt for a sherwani in rich fabrics like silk or brocade, with intricate embroidery and minimal embellishments.
  • Weddings: Choose from a wider range of colors and embellishments. Consider the overall wedding theme and your role in the ceremony (groom, groomsman, guest).
  • Festive wear: Explore vibrant colors, lighter fabrics, and playful patterns.

2. Know Your Sherwani Body Type:

  • Lean body type: Slim-fit sherwanis with vertical patterns can elongate your silhouette.
  • Athletic build: Opt for a regular fit with balanced proportions to avoid a bulky appearance.
  • Curvier body type: Choose a sherwani with a comfortable fit and avoid excessive embellishments that might add volume.

3. Embrace Sherwani Comfort and Fit:

  • The sherwani should sit comfortably on your shoulders, with sleeves allowing for easy movement.
  • Ensure the length is appropriate, ideally grazing the knee or slightly above the ankle.
  • Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton silk or linen for prolonged wear, especially in warmer climates.

4. Explore Sherwani Color and Fabric:

  • Traditional colors: Opt for classic shades like ivory, beige, gold, or maroon.
  • Modern choices: Consider bolder colors like emerald green, royal blue, or even pastels, depending on the occasion.
  • Fabric selection: Choose fabrics like silk, brocade, or cotton silk for a luxurious feel. Opt for lighter fabrics like linen or cotton blends for warmer weather.

5. Don’t Forget the Accessories Sherwani:

  • Shoes: Opt for formal shoes like Mojris or dress shoes that complement the sherwani color.
  • Safa (turban): Choose a safa that coordinates with the sherwani’s color and complements your facial features.
  • Jewelry: Keep it minimal with a statement piece like a pocket watch or cufflinks.

Conclusion: this list is a starting point. Explore your options, and consider your budget, preferred style, and occasion to find the perfect sherwani that reflects your unique personality and makes your special event unforgettable.

FAQs on Sherwani

Which type of sherwani is best?

“The Popular styles include Achkan-style sherwanis, Anarkali sherwanis, and Jodhpuri sherwanis, each offering a distinct look.”

Why is Sherwani so expensive?

“The cost of a sherwani can vary based on factors such as the fabric used, craftsmanship, embroidery, and brand reputation. High-quality materials, intricate detailing, and skilled craftsmanship contribute to the overall expense.”

How do I choose Sherwani?

“When choosing a sherwani, consider factors such as the occasion, your body type, preferred style, and budget. Pay attention to the fabric, fit, and embellishments. Customization options are also available for a personalized touch.”

Which fabric is best for sherwani for a groom?

“The choice of fabric for a groom’s sherwani depends on fabrics including silk, velvet, brocade, and Banarasi silk. These fabrics offer a rich and regal appearance suitable for weddings and special occasions.”

What do we call sherwani in English?

“The term ‘sherwani’ is used in both Hindi and English to refer to the traditional Indian men’s garment. In English, it is commonly known as a ‘sherwani,’ and the word is widely recognized in the context of Indian ethnic fashion.”