Which are the Best Blouse Brands in India? When it comes to ethnic fashion in India, finding the perfect blouse can significantly enhance the overall appeal of any traditional outfit. With a multitude of options available, it can be challenging to identify the best blouse that offers exceptional quality, and style.

Whether you’re looking for traditional embroideries, contemporary cuts, or sustainable fashion, these brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry. Note: Always Choose the best saree brand to match your branded blouse.

Let’s explore the world of this renowned blouse and elevate your ethnic wardrobe to new heights. Note: Always check for accurate measurements of the blouse before buying online. don’t forget to check out our Blouse measurements calculator for more assistance. Note: Always opt for a branded bra for the perfect saree-blouse combination.

Best Blouse Brands in India
Blouse Brands

Best Blouse Brands in India

Blouse NamesBlouse SpecializationBlouse Price Range
SabyasachiLuxury and CoutureHigh-End
Anita DongreTraditional EleganceMid-Range
Manish MalhotraGlamorous and Bollywood-inspired DesignsHigh-End
Raw MangoHandwoven Silk and Contemporary DesignsMid-Range
Tarun TahilianiFusion and Avant-GardeHigh-End
Ritu KumarHeritage and ClassicMid-Range
Gaurang ShahHandloom and RevivalistMid-Range
Payal SinghalContemporary and BohemianMid-Range
Masaba GuptaQuirky Prints and Bold DesignsMid-Range
House of MasabaYoung and VibrantMid-Range
Blouse Brands List

Sabyasachi Blouse

Sabyasachi Blouse Brand
Sabyasachi Blouse
  • Specializes in luxurious and couture blouse designs.
  • Known for intricate hand embroideries, exquisite fabrics, and timeless elegance.
  • Official Website: Sabyasachi

Anita Dongre Blouse

Anita Dongre Blouse Brand
Anita Dongre Blouse
  • Celebrates traditional elegance with her stunning blouse designs.
  • Famous for his impeccable craftsmanship, intricate embroideries, and regal aesthetics.
  • Official Website: Anita Dongre

Manish Malhotra Blouse

Manish Malhotra Blouse Brand
Manish Malhotra Blouse
  • Offers glamorous and Bollywood-inspired blouse designs.
  • Renowned for his signature embroidery work, opulent fabrics, and intricate detailing.
  • Official Website: Manish Malhotra

Raw Mango Blouse

Raw Mango Blouse Brand
Raw Mango Blouse
  • Showcases handwoven silk blouses with contemporary cuts.
  • Focuses on promoting Indian textiles and craftsmanship.
  • Official Website: Raw Mango

Tarun Tahiliani Blouse

Tarun Tahiliani Blouse Brand
Tarun Tahiliani Blouse
  • Pushes the boundaries of fashion with his fusion and avant-garde blouse designs.
  • Known for his innovative drapes, modern silhouettes, and luxurious embellishments.
  • Official Website: Tarun Tahiliani

Ritu Kumar Blouse

Ritu Kumar Blouse Brand
Ritu Kumar Blouse
  • Celebrates Indian heritage with her heritage and classic blouse designs.
  • Renowned for his revivalist approach, intricate embroideries, and timeless craftsmanship.
  • Official Website: Ritu Kumar

Gaurang Shah Blouse

Gaurang Shah Blouse Brand
Gaurang Shah Blouse
  • Showcases the beauty of handloom fabrics and revives traditional weaving techniques.
  • Offers a wide range of handloom blouses with intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  • Official Website: Gaurang Shah

Payal Singhal Blouse

Payal Singhal Blouse Brand
Payal Singhal Blouse
  • Creates contemporary and bohemian-inspired blouse designs.
  • Known for his unique prints, experimental cuts, and modern silhouettes.
  • Official Website: Payal Singhal

Masaba Gupta Blouse

Masaba Gupta Blouse Brand
Masaba Gupta Blouse
  • Celebrates quirky prints and bold designs in her blouse collections.
  • Known for his unconventional approach to fashion, vibrant colors, and playful patterns.
  • Official Website: Masaba Gupta

House of Masaba Blouse

House of Masaba Blouse Brand
House of Masaba Blouse
  • Showcases young and vibrant blouse designs that resonate with the millennial generation.
  • Offers a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, featuring unique prints and trendy cuts.
  • Official Website: House of Masaba

How to Choose the Best Blouse Brand

Choosing the perfect blouse is easier when you follow these concise steps:

  1. Research and Reviews: Look up blouses online, read reviews, and check ratings.
  2. Define Your Style: Know your Blouse design style – traditional, contemporary, or a mix.
  3. Budget Planning: Set a Blouse budget and stick to it.
  4. Fabric Matters: Consider the blouse fabric options offered – silk, cotton, chiffon, etc.
  5. Collection Variety: Ensure the brand has a diverse collection for different occasions.
  6. Perfect Fit: Check for detailed blouse sizing charts and size options.
  7. Return Policies: Review return and exchange policies.
  8. Customer Support: Gauge their customer support’s responsiveness.

Selecting the right blouse boils down to research, style preferences, budget, fabric choice, and brand ethics. These steps will lead you to your ideal blouse source.

Different Types of Blouses

Understanding these blouse types can help you pick the perfect one for your saree or lehenga. Here are some popular blouse types:

  1. Princess-Cut: Known for its fitted design, this blouse style accentuates the curves and offers an elegant look.
  2. A-Line: This blouse flares out slightly from the bust to the waist, creating a flattering silhouette.
  3. Jacket: Featuring a jacket-like design, this blouse adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.
  4. Peplum: Characterized by a flared fabric at the waist, peplum blouses are trendy and stylish.
  5. Halter Neck: This blouse has a high, collar-like neckline that ties around the neck, leaving the shoulders bare.
  6. Cold Shoulder: With cutouts on the shoulders, this blouse adds a modern and playful element to traditional attire.
  7. Backless: As the name suggests, this blouse style showcases an open back, creating a sensuous and stylish look.
  8. Off-Shoulder: This blouse exposes the shoulders and collarbones, offering a chic and fashionable appearance.
  9. Boat Neck: Featuring a wide, horizontal neckline, boat neck blouses are versatile and timeless.
  10. High Neck: Known for its high neckline that covers the neck, this blouse adds elegance and sophistication.
  11. One-Shoulder: Similar to the off-shoulder style, one-shoulder blouses expose just one shoulder for a unique look.
  12. Sheer Blouse: These blouses have translucent or semi-transparent fabric, adding an element of intrigue to your outfit.
  13. Butterfly Sleeve: The butterfly sleeves are wide and flowy, creating a feminine and graceful appearance.
  14. Puff Sleeve: Characterized by voluminous sleeves that taper at the cuff, puff sleeve blouses offer a vintage-inspired look.
  15. Full-Sleeve: For a more conservative and elegant look, full-sleeve blouses provide coverage while maintaining style.

These are just a few examples of the diverse blouse styles available.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Blouse for Saree

Tips to help you choose the most comfortable blouse:

  1. Fabric Matters: Opt for blouses made from breathable and soft fabrics like cotton, silk, or georgette. These blouse materials feel comfortable against the skin and allow air circulation.
  2. Right Fit: Ensure your blouse fits well but isn’t too tight. It should provide ease of movement without causing discomfort. Consider getting your blouse custom-tailored for a perfect fit.
  3. Neckline Choice: Pick a blouse with a neckline that suits your comfort preferences. High-neck blouses offer more coverage, while boat neck or V-neck blouses provide a breezier feel.
  4. Sleeve Length: Choose sleeve lengths that match your comfort level. Full sleeves offer more coverage, while short or cap sleeves are lighter and more relaxed.
  5. Lining: If your blouse is made from sheer or translucent fabric, consider adding a lining for comfort and modesty.
  6. Back Design: The back design of a blouse can affect comfort. Backless or low-back blouses may not provide adequate support, so choose a style that suits your needs.
  7. Adjustable Straps: If you opt for a spaghetti strap or halter neck blouse, ensure it has adjustable straps for a customized fit.
  8. Consider Comfort Accessories: Invest in comfortable bra options like strapless or adhesive bras to pair with different blouse styles.
  9. Trial Run: Before wearing a blouse for a special occasion, try it on and move around to ensure it doesn’t cause discomfort or irritation.
  10. Choose Lightweight Embellishments: If your blouse has embellishments like embroidery or sequins, make sure they are not too heavy, which can be uncomfortable when worn for long periods.


When it comes to selecting the best blouse, you are spoiled for choice with an array of options that cater to diverse preferences and styles. Whether you seek luxury and couture designs, traditional elegance, Bollywood-inspired glamour, or contemporary and bohemian aesthetics, these top blouse brands have it all.

With their impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of exquisite fabrics, they ensure that every blouse is a masterpiece.

FAQs on Blouse

What makes a blouse brand the best?

The best blouse brands are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, use of high-quality fabrics, and innovative designs. They offer a wide range of styles that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Are these brands expensive?

The price range varies depending on the brand, design, and fabric. While some brands offer high-end couture pieces, others provide more affordable options without compromising on quality. It’s best to explore the range of each brand to find options that fit your budget.

Can I get custom designs or alterations from these brands?

Yes, many of these brands offer customization services where you can request specific designs, alterations, or even create bespoke blouses. It’s advisable to inquire about customization options directly with the brand or visit their stores for a personalized consultation.

Which style of blouse is best?

The best blouse style depends on individual preferences, body shape, and the saree’s design. Some popular blouse styles include boat neck, V-neck, square neck, and high neck blouses. Experiment with different styles to find the one that complements your figure and enhances your overall saree look.

Which blouse is best to look slim?

Blouses that create an illusion of height and a balanced silhouette can help you appear slimmer. High-neck blouses, V-neck blouses, and blouses with vertical patterns or detailing often have a slimming effect.

Which type of blouse is best for a saree?

The choice of blouse for a saree depends on the saree’s design and your style. Classic options like boat neck, round neck, and U-neck blouses are versatile and pair well with various saree types. It’s essential to choose a blouse that complements the saree’s fabric and embroidery.

Which brand tops are best in India?

Several brands offer quality tops in India, catering to various styles and budgets. Some popular brands known for their quality tops include Zara, H&M, Forever 21, and FabIndia. The best brand depends on your style preferences and requirements.

What are Indian blouses called?

Indian blouses are typically referred to as “saree blouses” or “sari blouses.” They are specially designed to be worn with sarees and come in various styles, patterns, and fabrics to complement the saree’s elegance.

Which silk is best for a blouse?

Silk blouses are elegant and versatile. Among various silk types, pure silk, such as Mulberry silk, Tussar silk, and Banarasi silk, is commonly used for blouse designs. Each type offers a unique texture and sheen, allowing you to choose based on your preference.

What is a Bipasha blouse?

A Bipasha blouse is a style of blouse popularized by Indian actress Bipasha Basu. It features a deep, broad V-neckline, often with elaborate embroidery, and is typically paired with sarees to create a glamorous and bold look.

Why do girls wear blouses?

Girls and women wear blouses primarily as an essential part of traditional Indian attire when wearing sarees. Blouses provide coverage to the upper body and serve as a complement to the saree’s elegance. They come in various styles to suit different occasions and personal preferences.

What is an Aari blouse?

An Aari blouse refers to a type of blouse that features intricate Aari embroidery. Aari embroidery is a traditional handcrafted technique originating from North India, known for its fine needlework and delicate patterns. Aari blouses often showcase these beautiful and detailed designs, making them a popular choice for special occasions and weddings.