These are some of the Best Lingerie Brands in India, When it comes to lingerie, finding the perfect combination of comfort, style, and quality is essential. Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her intimate wear.

In this guide, I have a handpicked selection of the best lingerie that has redefined the art of creating stunning and comfortable lingerie.

From inclusive sizing to innovative designs, these brands also offer a range of Branded Bra options to suit every preference and body type. Let’s delve into the world of lingerie and discover the brands that are transforming the way we experience intimate apparel. Note: Make sure to measure your Lingerie Size before making an online purchase.

Difference Between Lingerie and Underwear

“Lingerie” is a broad term that encompasses various types of women’s undergarments, including bras, panties, nightwear, and more. “Underwear” is a more general term used for undergarments worn by both men and women, including briefs, boxers, panties, and undershirts.

Lingerie typically includes more delicate and ornate items designed for aesthetics and style, while underwear focuses more on functionality and comfort.

Selection Criteria for Best Lingerie

When selecting the best lingerie, we prioritize:

  1. Variety: Brands offering a wide range of styles.
  2. Size Inclusivity: Brands with an extensive size range.
  3. Comfort: High-quality, breathable fabrics for all-day comfort.
  4. Design: A variety of styles to match personal preferences.
  5. Durability: Lingerie that lasts through wear and washing.
  6. Affordability: Options for various budgets without compromising quality.
  7. Customer Feedback: Real reviews from satisfied customers.
  8. Inclusivity: Brands celebrating diversity in campaigns and products.
  9. Innovation: Embracing advanced materials and sustainability.
Best Lingerie Brands in India
Lingerie Brand Guide

Best Lingerie Brands in India

Lingerie NamesFeaturesBrand Website
ZivameWide range of styles and
CloviaTrendy designs and
EnamorPremium quality and
JockeyComfortable and
TriumphInternational lingerie
AmanteElegant and
La SenzaSexy and
LovableStylish and
Calvin KleinModern and
Lingerie Brands List

Zivame Lingerie

Zivame Lingerie Brand
Zivame Lingerie

Extensive Range and Inclusive Sizes Zivame has become synonymous with offering an extensive range of lingerie options. From everyday essentials to glamorous ensembles, Zivame caters to all styles and sizes. With a strong focus on inclusivity, their range includes sizes that cater to diverse body types.

Explore their collections to find the perfect fit that enhances your confidence. Zivame Also has some of the best Leggings Brands in India.

Clovia Lingerie

Clovia Lingerie Brand
Clovia Lingerie

Affordable and Trendy Designs Clovia is a brand that believes in making lingerie accessible to all. Their affordable yet trendy designs have gained popularity among fashion-conscious women.

From vibrant colors to playful prints, Clovia offers a wide range of styles that keep up with the latest fashion trends. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and affordability with Clovia’s lingerie collection.

Amante Lingerie

Amante Lingerie Brand
Amante Lingerie

Elegant Designs and Superior Quality Amante is renowned for its elegant and sophisticated lingerie designs. Their attention to detail and focus on using superior-quality fabrics make their lingerie stand out.

Whether you’re looking for delicate lace, intricate embroidery, or smooth satin, Amante offers a range of options that exude timeless charm and exceptional craftsmanship.

La Senza Lingerie

La Senza Lingerie Brand
La Senza Lingerie

Bold and Playful Styles For those who love to embrace their playful and adventurous side, La Senza is the go-to brand. Known for its bold and daring designs, La Senza offers a range of lingerie that brings out your confidence and sensuality.

With vibrant colors, provocative cuts, and a touch of glamour, La Senza’s collections are designed to make a statement.

Triumph Lingerie

Triumph Lingerie Brand
Triumph Lingerie

Innovative Designs and Exceptional Fit Triumph is synonymous with innovation and exceptional fit. Their lingerie is meticulously crafted using advanced technologies and materials to ensure unparalleled comfort and support.

From everyday essentials to special occasion pieces, Triumph offers a range of designs that cater to different needs and preferences. Experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and comfort with Triumph’s lingerie.

Jockey Lingerie

Jockey Lingerie Brand
Jockey Lingerie

Comfortable Basics and Functional Styles Jockey has mastered the art of creating comfortable and functional lingerie. Known for its range of everyday basics, Jockey offers bras, panties, and shapewear that provide exceptional comfort and support throughout the day.

With their focus on practicality and durability, Jockey ensures that you can feel confident and at ease in any situation. Also, read Best Crop Top Brands in India for more information.

Lovable Lingerie

Lovable Lingerie Brand
Lovable Lingerie

Lovable is a renowned lingerie brand known for its stylish and comfortable designs. They offer a wide range of lingerie options, including bras, panties, and nightwear.

Lovable products are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and superior comfort. With a blend of fashion and functionality, Lovable lingerie is loved by women of all ages. Read for Best Hoodie Brands in India for more information.

Calvin Klein Lingerie

Calvin Klein Lingerie Brand
Calvin Klein Lingerie

Calvin Klein is a globally recognized brand known for its modern and sophisticated lingerie collections. Their lingerie is characterized by minimalist designs, clean lines, and high-quality materials.

Calvin Klein offers a range of bras, panties, and loungewear that exude elegance and luxury. With a focus on both comfort and style, Calvin Klein lingerie is a favorite among fashion-forward women.

PrettySecrets Lingerie

PrettySecrets Lingerie Brand
PrettySecrets Lingerie

PrettySecrets is a popular lingerie that offers fashion-forward and trendy designs. They are known for their bold and vibrant lingerie collections that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. PrettySecrets offers a wide range of lingerie styles, from everyday essentials to special occasion pieces.

With attention to detail and affordability, PrettySecrets aims to make every woman feel confident and beautiful. Also, Check out this blog on Best Jeans Brands in India.

Enamor Lingerie

Enamor Lingerie Brand
Enamor Lingerie

Enamor is a brand that focuses on premium quality and comfort in lingerie. They are known for their attention to detail and use of high-quality fabrics to create lingerie that feels luxurious against the skin. Enamor offers a wide range of bras, panties, shapewear, and nightwear, designed to provide support and enhance the natural curves of a woman’s body.

Their lingerie is loved for its perfect fit and superior comfort. & Also read this blog on Best Shorts Brands in India for more.

What to Consider When Shopping for Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie can be a delightful experience when you keep these essential factors in mind:

  1. Comfort: Prioritize comfort above all else. Choose fabrics that feel soft against your skin and ensure the fit is snug but not tight.
  2. Size: Get professionally measured if needed. An ill-fitting bra or panty can be uncomfortable and affect your posture.
  3. Occasion: Consider the purpose. Is it for everyday wear, a special occasion, or intimate moments? Different occasions may require different styles.
  4. Style: Lingerie comes in various styles like bras, panties, corsets, chemises, and more. Select styles that make you feel confident and match your outfit. Also, read Types of Bra With Saree for more.
  5. Fabric: Pay attention to the fabric. Cotton is breathable and suitable for daily wear, while lace and satin add elegance and sensuality.
  6. Support: If you need support, opt for bras with underwires or padding. Sports bras offer maximum support for active lifestyles.
  7. Matching Sets: Coordinated lingerie sets not only look appealing but also boost your confidence.
  8. Budget: Set a budget before shopping. Quality lingerie is available at various price points.
  9. Color: Choose colors that make you feel beautiful and confident. Basics like black, white, and nude are versatile.
  10. Care Instructions: Read and follow care instructions carefully to maintain the longevity of your lingerie.

Different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is not just limited to bras and panties. Explore the world of intimate wear with these different types of lingerie:

  1. Bras: There are various styles, including push-ups, balconettes, sports, and bralettes, each designed for different levels of support and style. check out How to Measure Your Bra Size for more.
  2. Panties: From thongs and briefs to boyshorts and hipsters, panties come in diverse styles to match your comfort and fashion preferences.
  3. Corsets: These offer shaping and support for a classic and elegant look. They’re often worn as part of vintage-inspired outfits.
  4. Chemises: A blend of a nightgown and a slip, chemises are perfect for both sleepwear-like branded nighty and intimate occasions.
  5. Babydolls: These are short, flowy dresses often paired with matching panties, creating a playful and seductive look.
  6. Teddy: A one-piece lingerie that combines a top and bottom in one, making it both sexy and comfortable.
  7. Bodysuits: Similar to teddies but often designed with more coverage and versatility, suitable for outerwear as well.
  8. Stockings and Garters: Enhance your look with thigh-high stockings and garter belts, adding a touch of sensuality to your wear.
  9. Shapewear: Designed to shape and contour your body, branded shapewear provides a smooth silhouette under clothing.
  10. Lounge Sets: Comfortable and stylish lounge sets include camisoles, tanks, and shorts for relaxed moments.
  11. Bralettes: Wire-free and often lacy, bralettes offer light support and a trendy look. the best match for all types of Tops.
  12. Bustiers: Similar to corsets but with a focus on enhancing the bust, bustiers are often worn as sexy lingerie.

Conclusion: Finding the best lingerie brand that aligns with your preferences and needs can elevate your intimate apparel experience. Whether you prioritize inclusive sizing, trendy designs, elegant aesthetics, bold styles, innovative features, or comfort-focused basics, these top lingerie brands in India have got you covered.

Embrace your unique style, enhance your confidence, and indulge in the luxurious world of lingerie with these esteemed brands. Elevate your intimate wardrobe and celebrate your femininity with the best lingerie in India.

FAQs on Indian Lingerie

What are the best lingerie brands in India?

Zivame, Clovia, Enamor, PrettySecrets, Jockey, and Triumph are some of the best lingerie brands in India.

Are these brands suitable for all body types?

Yes, these brands offer sizes and styles suitable for various body types.

Can I shop for lingerie from these brands online?

Yes, these brands have a strong online presence, allowing for convenient online shopping.

Which company is best for undergarments?

The choice of the best undergarment company can vary based on personal preferences and needs. Some popular brands known for quality undergarments include Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Jockey, and Fruit of the Loom, among others.

Which country brand is Clovia bra?

Clovia is an Indian brand known for lingerie, including bras. It is based in India and offers a wide range of lingerie products.

Which is the best bra to wear daily?

The best bra to wear daily is one that provides comfort, and good support and suits your body shape. A comfortable T-shirt bra or a seamless bra is often preferred for everyday wear.

Which bra is best for suits?

The type of bra to wear with suits depends on the suit’s style and your comfort. A well-fitting, seamless, and nude-colored bra is often a versatile choice that works well under most suits.

Is Zivame an Indian brand?

Yes, Zivame is an Indian brand that specializes in lingerie and undergarments. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Is wearing a bra 24/7 healthy?

It is generally recommended to give your body a break from wearing a bra while sleeping. Wearing a bra 24/7 can potentially lead to skin irritation and discomfort. It’s essential to balance wearing a bra when needed with periods of relaxation for your skin and comfort.

Which bra is used for sagging breasts?

A well-fitted and supportive bra can help provide lift and support for sagging breasts. Look for bras with underwire and full coverage for optimal support.

How should I store my lingerie?

To store lingerie, consider using a lingerie drawer organizer or a separate compartment in your drawer. Avoid overcrowding to prevent damage, and fasten hooks to prevent snags. Delicate items can be hung or stored flat.

How should I wash my lingerie?

Lingerie is often best hand-washed or placed in a lingerie bag and washed on a delicate cycle in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent, and cold water, and avoid fabric softeners. Always check care labels for specific instructions.