Which are some Best Attar Brands in India? Attars, essential oils, or concentrated perfumes, are derived from aromatic plant materials like flowers, herbs, spices, and woods through steam distillation or solvent extraction. They are traditionally used in the Middle East and South Asia for both fragrance and therapeutic purposes.

Are you ready to embark on this olfactory odyssey? Then delve into the world of attars, where luxury whispers and magic blooms on your skin. Let the fragrance guide you, for in its heart lies a story waiting to be told, yours to write.

What is the Difference Between an Attar and a Perfume?

“Attar is a natural fragrance oil derived from botanical sources, while perfume often contains a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. Attars are typically alcohol-free and have a rich, long-lasting aroma.”

Note: Perfume Brands and Attar Brands are completely different from each other.

Top 10 Best Attar Brands in India

Attar CategoryAttar BrandsAttar DescriptionAttar Price Range (INR)Attar Popular Scents
High-EndAjmalRenowned Indian brand since 1851, offering luxurious attars with pure ingredients.₹3,900 – ₹15,600Musk Pure, Oud Elite, Janaab
High-EndSwiss Arabian PerfumesBlending Arabian traditions with modern techniques, creating unique and exquisite attars.₹7,800 – ₹23,400Shams Al Oudh, Sehr Al Nafas, Musk Malaki
High-EndRasasi PerfumesWell-known Arabian brand, famous for high-quality attars and fragrances.₹5,850 – ₹19,500Shuhrah, Dahabi Gold, Dhanal Oudh
Mid-RangeAttarwalaAffordable attars made with traditional methods, offering a variety of scents.₹1,950 – ₹5,850Rose Attar, Sandalwood Attar, Musk Attar
Mid-RangeZain AttarPure and natural attars, popular for their distinct aroma.₹2,340 – ₹6,400Agarbatti Attar, Mogra Attar, Kewda Attar
Mid-RangeMitti AttarA unique collection of attars made with natural elements like soil, clay, and herbs.₹3,120 – ₹7,800Mitti Attar, Khus Attar, Vetiver Attar
Budget-FriendlyAl-Rehab PerfumesWide range of affordable attars and perfumes from Saudi Arabia.₹780 – ₹2,340White Musk, Shabab Oud, Rose Attar
Budget-FriendlyAl Haramain PerfumesHigh-quality attars and perfumes at budget-friendly prices, also from Saudi Arabia.₹1,170 – ₹3,120Ambergris, Musk Al Amood, Agarbatti Oud
Budget-FriendlyAroma AttarAffordable attars are made with a mix of synthetic and natural ingredients, offering various scents.₹780 – ₹1,950Rose Attar, Sandalwood Attar, Musk Attar
Best Attar Brands in India

High End Attar Brands

High End Attar Brands
High End Attar Brands
  • Ajmal: A renowned Indian brand established in 1851, Ajmal offers a wide range of luxurious attars made with pure and natural ingredients. Their most popular attars include Musk Pure, Oud Elite, and Janaab.
  • Swiss Arabian Perfumes: This Swiss-based brand combines Arabian traditions with modern perfumery techniques to create unique and exquisite attars. Their signature attars include Shams Al Oudh, Sehr Al Nafas, and Musk Malaki.
  • Rasasi Perfumes: Another well-known Arabian brand, Rasasi is known for its high-quality attars and fragrances. Their popular attars include Shuhrah, Dahabi Gold, and Dhanal Oudh.

Mid Range Attar Brands

Mid Range Attar Brands
Mid Range Attar Brands
  • Attarwala: This Indian brand offers a variety of affordable attars made with traditional methods. Their popular attars include Rose Attar, Sandalwood Attar, and Musk Attar.
  • Zain Attar: Another Indian brand, Zain Attar is known for its pure and natural attars. Their popular attars include Agarbatti Attar, Mogra Attar, and Kewda Attar.
  • Mitti Attar: This Indian brand offers a unique collection of attars made with natural ingredients like soil, clay, and herbs. Their popular attars include Mitti Attar, Khus Attar, and Vetiver Attar.

Budget Friendly Attar Brands

Budget Friendly Attar Brands
Budget Friendly Attar Brands
  • Al-Rehab Perfumes: This Saudi Arabian brand offers a wide range of affordable attars and perfumes. Their popular attars include White Musk, Shabab Oud, and Rose Attar.
  • Al Haramain Perfumes: Another popular Saudi Arabian brand, Al Haramain is known for its high-quality attars and perfumes at affordable prices. Their popular attars include Ambergris, Musk Al Amood, and Agarbatti Oud.
  • Aroma Attar: This Indian brand offers a variety of affordable attars made with synthetic and natural ingredients. Their popular attars include Rose Attar, Sandalwood Attar, and Musk Attar.

Social Media Buzz of Adilqadri Attars Brand

Adilqadri Attar Brand
Adilqadri Attar Brand

In the symphony of Indian attars, Adilqadri stands out as a young maestro, harmonizing age-old melodies with modern beats. Founded in 2018, they reimagine traditional fragrance-making, weaving magic from nature’s bounty using innovative techniques. Adilqadri CEO of this attar brand recently featured in Shark Tank India 3, 2024. and making a new Buzz on attars market.

What Makes Adilqadri Sing?

  • Adilqadri Authentic Harmony: True to their roots, they prioritize ethically sourced, natural ingredients, capturing the essence of flowers, woods, and spices through time-honored distillation processes.
  • Adilqadri Unique Melodies: While they play classic notes like rose and sandalwood, their true artistry shines in modern compositions like Shanaya’s captivating musk-rose-oud blend or Glamour Oudh’s luxurious amber-saffron fusion.
  • A Symphony for Everyone: From budget-friendly roll-on attars to premium, handcrafted elixirs, Adilqadri caters to diverse pockets and preferences.
  • Adilqadri Attars Easy Listening: They bridge the gap between tradition and convenience, making their fragrant treasures readily available through online channels.

Melodies to Captivate Your Senses:

  • Safwan by Adilqadri: A warm embrace of oud, musk, and amber, perfect for cozy winter evenings.
  • Taabish by Adilqadri: A refreshing symphony of rose, sandalwood, and vetiver, ideal for daytime serenades.
  • Lavish Musk by Adilqadri: This single-note masterpiece envelops you in pure, indulgent luxury.
  • Janatul Firdous by Adilqadri: A floral fantasia of rose, jasmine, and mogra, transporting you to paradise gardens.

Two Common Attar Classifications

Attar By Scent Profile

  • Floral: These attars are derived from fragrant flowers like rose, jasmine, mogra, kewda, chameli, etc. They are known for their sweet, light, and refreshing scent.
  • Herbaceous: Made from herbs and leaves like basil, tulsi, mint, khus, and vetiver, these attars offer a cool, earthy, and invigorating aroma.
  • Woody: Sandalwood, agarwood (oud), cedarwood, and deodar are some common ingredients in woody attars, giving them a deep, warm, and slightly musky scent.
  • Spicy: Spices like saffron, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and black pepper add a warm, exotic, and slightly pungent touch to attars.
  • Musky: Derived from animal sources like musk deer, amber, and civet, these attars have a strong, sensual, and long-lasting fragrance. Also, read Best Perfumes for Men in India for more.

Attar By Perceived Effect

  • Warm attars: Believed to increase body temperature, these attars are ideal for winters and include musk, amber, saffron, and oud.
  • Cool attars: Thought to have a cooling effect on the body, these attars are preferred in summer and include rose, jasmine, khus, kewda, and mogra.
  • Neutral attars: Neither warming nor cooling, these attars offer a balanced scent profile and can be used year-round. Examples include sandalwood, vetiver, and cedarwood.

Additionally, Attars

  • Attars by Region: Indian attars often differ from Arabian attars in scent profile and ingredients.
  • Attars by Strength: Concentrated attars have a stronger, longer-lasting aroma, while diluted attars are milder and easier to wear.
  • Attars by Ingredients: Single-note attars are made from one plant source, while blended attars combine various ingredients.

Best Marketplace for Attar in India

  • Kannauj: This city in Uttar Pradesh is often called the “perfume capital of India” due to its long history of attar production. Head to Khara Bazaar or Chowk Bazaar for a wide variety of traditional, high-quality attars at reasonable prices.
  • Chandni Chowk, Delhi: This historic market in Delhi houses several shops specializing in traditional Indian fragrances, including attars. You’ll find both well-known brands and smaller vendors offering unique blends.
  • South Indian Cities: Bangalore, Mysore, and Chennai have a growing appreciation for attars. Look for Ayurvedic stores or shops specializing in natural fragrances to find a good selection.

Choosing the Best Attar for You

  1. Know your Attar scent: Floral blooms, earthy greens, warm woods, spicy kicks, or musky allure – choose your fragrance story.
  2. Feel the weather: Winter calls for warming musk, amber, and oud, while summer craves cooling rose, jasmine, and khus. Neutral sandalwood or vetiver works anytime.
  3. Explore the Attar origins: Indian attars are vibrant with floral notes, while Arabian ones tend richer with musk and oud.
  4. Attar Strength matters: Concentrated attars are potent, and diluted ones are gentler. Single notes shine solo and blends offer complexity.
  5. Attar Price range galore: High-end brands like Ajmal or Swiss Arabian offer luxury, mid-range like Zain Attar balance quality and affordability, while Al-Rehab or Aroma Attar cater to budget explorers.

Conclusion: Ultimately, let your nose and soul guide you to your perfect attar, the one that whispers your unique fragrance story. Enjoy the journey! Also, read Best Perfume for Women in India for more.

FAQs on Attars

How is attar made?

“Attar is traditionally made through a process called hydro-distillation, where aromatic compounds are extracted from flowers, herbs, or other natural sources. The extracted oil is then blended with a carrier oil to create attar.”

Which is the No. 1 brand attar?

“Some popular attar brands include Ajmal, Al Haramain, and Swiss Arabian.”

Which attar is most expensive?

“The costliest attars are often those made from rare or exotic ingredients. Oud-based attars, like Oud Wood or Dehn Al Oud, are among the most expensive due to the rarity and unique properties of oud.”

Is attar safe to use?

“Attar is generally safe to use when sourced from reputable brands. However, individuals with sensitive skin should perform a patch test before using attar to ensure there are no adverse reactions.”

How do I choose Attar?

“Choose attar based on notes that appeal to you. Consider whether you prefer floral, woody, or oriental scents. Sampling different attars before purchasing is recommended.”

Is attar good for your skin?

“Attar, being derived from natural sources, is generally considered skin-friendly. However, it’s important to ensure that the attar is diluted in a carrier oil and to perform a patch test to avoid skin irritations.”

What is attar used for?

“Attar is used primarily as a fragrance on the body. It is applied to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. Attar is also used in aromatherapy for its therapeutic properties.”

Is attar better than perfume?

“Attar is praised for its natural and long-lasting aroma, while perfumes may offer a wider range of synthetic scents. The choice depends on individual taste and values.”