Kurtis, the epitome of comfort and elegance, can be beautifully elevated with the right choice of jewelry. Here’s a look at the popular types of jewelry that perfectly complement your kurti, along with the latest trends making waves in 2024:

Note always go for branded Kurti and branded Jewellery for the perfect combination. & make sure to measure your jewelry size before making any online purchase.

Choosing the Right Jewellery With Kurti

Choosing the Right Jewellery With Kurti
Right Jewellery With Kurti
Kurti StyleRecommended JewelryDescription
Plain KurtiStatement Necklace: A bold necklace adds flair.Earrings: Long or statement earrings can complement the simplicity.
Printed KurtiStud Earrings: Small studs in a matching color.Bracelet: A delicate bracelet or bangle can add a touch of elegance without overpowering the print.
Embroidered KurtiJhumka Earrings: Traditional jhumkas enhance the look.Maang Tikka: For special occasions, a maang tikka adds a touch of sophistication, especially with updos.
Anarkali KurtiChoker Necklace: A choker complements the high neckline.Bangles: A set of bangles or bracelets adds grace to your hands and complements the flowy silhouette.
Long KurtiLong Necklace: A lengthy necklace enhances the length.Nose Ring: A small nose ring can add an ethnic touch, especially if your long kurti has traditional elements.
Short KurtiLayered Necklace: Multiple chains give a chic look.Ring: A statement ring can draw attention to your hands.
Right Jewelry for your Kurti List

1. Kurti Chic Elegance with Stud Earrings:

Chic Elegance with Stud Earrings
Chic Elegance with Stud Earrings
  • Popular Choice: Stud earrings, be it diamonds, pearls, or simple gold studs, add a touch of sophistication to your kurti look.
  • Latest Trend: Look for unique designs like geometric shapes or floral motifs in studs. They add a modern twist to your traditional ensemble.

2. Kurti Glamorous Necklaces:

Glamorous kurti Necklaces
Glamorous kurti Necklaces
  • Popular Choice: Long, sleek necklaces or delicate pendants that sit beautifully on your kurti neckline are timeless choices.
  • Latest Trend: Layered necklaces with varying lengths are in vogue. Opt for mixed metals or intricate designs to make a bold statement.

3. kurti Bangles and Bracelets:

kurti Bangles and Bracelets
kurti Bangles and Bracelets
  • Popular Choice: Classic metal bangles or elegant bracelets add grace to your hands, enhancing the overall appeal of your kurti.
  • Latest Trend: Stackable bracelets in vibrant colors or with charms are trending. They add a playful yet sophisticated touch to your kurti ensemble.

4. kurti Finger Rings:

kurti Finger Rings
kurti Finger Rings
  • Popular Choice: Statement rings or solitaires on your fingers can elevate your look effortlessly.
  • Latest Trend: Look for adjustable rings with unique designs or semi-precious stones. They are versatile and can be paired with various kurti styles.

5. kurti Anklets and Toe Rings:

kurti Anklets and Toe Rings
kurti Anklets and Toe Rings
  • Popular Choice: Anklets with delicate bells or single-toe rings add a traditional charm to your feet.
  • Latest Trend: Minimalistic anklets with intricate detailing or toe rings with tiny gemstones are in vogue. They add a subtle yet trendy touch.

6. kurti Hair Accessories:

kurti Hair Accessories
kurti Hair Accessories
  • Popular Choice: Traditional hairpins or classic hairbands can enhance your hairstyle, complementing your kurti.
  • Latest Trend: Look for hairpins adorned with pearls or floral designs. They add a feminine touch and are perfect for various kurti styles.

The choice of jewelry ultimately depends on your style, the occasion, and your comfort level.

Tips for Perfectly Styling Kurti Jewelry

Tips for Perfectly Styling Kurti Jewelry
Tips for Perfectly Styling Kurti Jewelry

1. Match the Neckline:

  • For a V-neck kurti, opt for a statement necklace that follows the neckline’s shape.
  • High-neck kurtis pair well with chokers or sleek necklaces to maintain elegance.
  • Boat neck kurtis go well with long, layered necklaces that add a touch of drama.

2. Balance with Earrings:

  • Large statement earrings work best with simple kurtis, creating a focal point for your outfit.
  • If your kurti has heavy embroidery or prints, opt for subtle studs or small hoops to balance the look.

3. Bangles and Bracelets:

  • Wide cuffs or stacked bangles complement plain kurtis, adding a pop of color and texture.
  • For heavily embellished kurtis, a single elegant bracelet can be a sophisticated choice.

4. Rings and Finger Accessories:

  • Statement rings draw attention. Pair them with kurtis that have minimal embroidery or are of solid colors.
  • Toe rings or anklets add a traditional touch. They look fabulous with shorter kurtis or high-low styles.

5. Maang Tikka and Hair Accessories:

  • Maang tikkas are perfect for festive occasions. Match the color of the stones with your kurti for a harmonious look.
  • Hair chains or jhoomars are best suited for special occasions. They complement both traditional and contemporary kurtis.

6. Waist Belts:

  • Waist belts are a stylish addition to your kurti, creating an hourglass silhouette. They work well with A-line or straight-fit kurtis.

7. Consider the Fabric:

  • Delicate fabrics like chiffon or georgette pair well with subtle jewelry, enhancing the fabric’s elegance.
  • Cotton or silk kurtis can carry more elaborate jewelry due to their solid structure.

8. Occasion Matters:

  • For daytime events, opt for lightweight and minimal jewelry to keep the look effortless.
  • Evening affairs allow for more elaborate pieces. Don’t shy away from layers and bold designs.

Conclusion: Remember, the key is to balance your jewelry & kurti. If your kurti is heavily embellished, opt for subtle jewelry, and vice versa. By choosing the right pieces, you can effortlessly enhance the charm of your kurti ensemble, making a stylish statement that’s bound to turn heads in 2024.

FAQs on Kurti Jewellery

What accessories to wear with kurti?

Accessories like earrings, bangles, a matching necklace, or a statement ring can complement a kurti. You can also add a stylish clutch and ethnic footwear.

How do you accessorize a kurti?

Choose accessories that match the color and style of your kurti. For example, if you’re wearing a simple kurti, opt for statement earrings or a vibrant dupatta to add a pop of color.

Can I wear a chain with a kurta?

Yes, you can wear a chain or a delicate necklace with a kurta, especially if the neckline allows for it. Choose a necklace that complements the neckline of your kurta.

How can I look attractive in a kurti?

Wear a well-fitted kurti that enhances your body shape. Pair it with suitable accessories, a flattering bottom (such as leggings or palazzo pants), and elegant footwear to create an attractive look.

How to wear a kurti stylishly?

Experiment with different bottom styles like palazzo pants, skirts, or straight pants. Add accessories like jhumkas, bangles, or a stylish belt. Don’t forget to drape your dupatta creatively for added style.

Which footwear to wear with a kurti?

Ethnic footwear like juttis, kolhapuris, or mojaris complements kurtis well. You can also wear sandals or heels, depending on the occasion and the length of your kurti.

What do girls wear with a kurti?

Girls can pair kurtis with leggings, palazzo pants, jeans, or skirts. Adding accessories like earrings, bangles, or a bindi can enhance the overall look.

How to wear a kurti to look slim?

Choose darker colors and vertical prints, and avoid heavy embellishments on areas you want to appear slimmer. Pair your kurti with well-fitted bottoms and avoid overly flared styles.

What can be paired with a kurta?

Kurtas can be paired with churidars, salwar pants, palazzo pants, leggings, jeans, or skirts. The choice of bottom wear depends on the occasion and personal style preference.

How to style with a short kurti?

Short kurtis can be paired with high-waisted bottoms like palazzo pants or skirts. Avoid overly loose bottoms to balance the short length. Add accessories like long earrings or a statement necklace.

What goes best with a kurti?

A well-fitted bottom (churidar, palazzo, leggings) that complements the kurti’s style and color, along with suitable accessories and ethnic footwear, completes a stylish kurti look.