Nighties, also known as nightgowns, are an essential part of every woman’s sleepwear collection. These comfortable and stylish garments offer a good night’s sleep in the lap of luxury. Here’s a list of the top nighty brands in India, catering to both comfort and elegance. Note: Always know your size before making any purchase online & always opt for Branded Lingerie for great comfort.

Best Nighty Brands You Must Know

Best Nighty Brands
Nighty Brands

1. Biba:

  • Specialty: Combines traditional Indian prints with contemporary designs.
  • USP: Comfortable nighties with a touch of ethnic elegance. Biba also has some of the best palazzo suit collections.

2. PrettySecrets:

  • Specialty: Modern and trendy nightwear with a wide variety of styles.
  • USP: Offers a vast range of colors and designs, catering to diverse tastes.

3. Zivame:

  • Specialty: Focuses on providing comfortable and body-friendly nighties.
  • USP: Offers a wide selection of sizes and styles to suit every body type.

4. Clovia:

  • Specialty: Affordable and stylish nightwear for everyday comfort.
  • USP: Excellent blend of comfort and fashion at budget-friendly prices.

5. FabIndia:

  • Specialty: Known for its handcrafted and organic nighties.
  • USP: Offers a unique collection of natural fabric nightwear with an ethnic touch.

6. N-Gal:

  • Specialty: Trendy and vibrant nighties designed for the modern woman.
  • USP: Focuses on offering bold and chic nightwear options.

7. Amante:

  • Specialty: Premium nightwear with a focus on elegance.
  • USP: Perfect for those who desire both comfort and style during sleep.

8. Marks & Spencer:

  • Specialty: Offers high-quality and comfortable nighties with a touch of British fashion.
  • USP: Premium nightwear for a touch of luxury and sophistication.

9. Enamor:

  • Specialty: Known for crafting nighties that enhance comfort and style.
  • USP: Perfect balance between a cozy night’s sleep and a touch of glamour.

10. Redefine:

  • Specialty: Focuses on nighties with exquisite designs.
  • USP: Offers uniquely styled nightwear suitable for special occasions.

Different Types of Nighties

Nighties, the epitome of nighttime comfort, come in various styles, catering to every woman’s preferences and needs.

1. Chemise Nighties:

  • Description: Short, sleeveless, and flowy, chemise nighties offer freedom of movement and are perfect for warm nights.
  • Ideal For: Hot weather, those who prefer lightweight sleepwear.

2. Babydoll Nighties:

  • Description: Short, often lace-trimmed, babydoll nighties are playful and seductive, emphasizing comfort and allure.
  • Ideal For: Romantic occasions, adding a touch of glamour to bedtime.

3. Shirt-Style Nighties:

  • Description: Resembling oversized shirts, these nighties provide a relaxed fit and are usually knee-length.
  • Ideal For: Casual sleepwear, a cozy and familiar bedtime choice.

4. Maxi Nighties:

  • Description: Long and flowing, maxi nighties offer full coverage and are often made from lightweight, breathable fabrics.
  • Ideal For: Cooler nights, those who prefer more coverage while sleeping.

5. Nightgown with Robe Sets:

  • Description: A combination of a nightgown and a matching robe, offering versatility and style.
  • Ideal For: Added warmth, and a coordinated bedtime look.

6. Satin Nighties:

  • Description: Crafted from silky satin fabric, these nighties offer a luxurious feel and a smooth texture against the skin.
  • Ideal For: Special occasions, adding a touch of elegance to bedtime.

7. Cotton Nighties:

  • Description: Made from breathable cotton, these nighties are soft, comfortable, and ideal for everyday wear.
  • Ideal For: Daily use, hot weather, sensitive skin.

8. Lace Nighties:

  • Description: Featuring delicate lace details, these nighties add a hint of romance and sophistication to bedtime attire.
  • Ideal For: Romantic occasions, enhancing femininity.

9. Strappy Nighties:

  • Description: Nighties with thin, adjustable straps, providing a customized fit and a touch of elegance.
  • Ideal For: Those who prefer minimalistic sleepwear, and warm weather.

10. Vintage-Style Nighties:

  • Description: Inspired by retro fashion, these nighties often feature ruffles, lace, and intricate designs, exuding timeless charm.
  • Ideal For Vintage enthusiasts, adding a touch of nostalgia to bedtime.

Choosing the Perfect Fabric for Your Nighty

Selecting the right fabric for your night is essential for a cozy and restful sleep. Different fabrics offer varied textures, breathability, and comfort levels. 

1. Cotton:

  • Description: Natural, breathable, and soft, cotton nighties are perfect for all seasons.
  • Ideal For: Hot weather, sensitive skin, everyday wear.

2. Satin:

  • Description: Smooth, shiny, and luxurious, satin nighties offer a sensual feel against the skin.
  • Ideal For: Special occasions, adding a touch of elegance to bedtime.

3. Silk:

  • Description: Silky and lightweight, silk nighties provide a luxurious and soft texture.
  • Ideal For: Cool comfort, a touch of opulence in sleepwear.

4. Flannel:

  • Description: Soft, warm, and cozy, flannel nighties are perfect for chilly nights.
  • Ideal For: Winter, providing extra warmth and comfort.

5. Lace:

  • Description: Delicate and ornate, lace nighties add a touch of romance and sophistication.
  • Ideal For: Romantic occasions, enhancing femininity.

6. Modal:

  • Description: Silky-smooth and stretchy, modal nighties offer excellent drape and comfort.
  • Ideal For: Enhanced flexibility, everyday wear, sensitive skin.

7. Jersey:

  • Description: Soft, stretchy, and breathable, jersey nighties offer a casual and comfortable fit.
  • Ideal For: Casual lounging, flexibility, everyday wear.

8. Linen:

  • Description: Lightweight and breathable, linen nighties are perfect for summer nights.
  • Ideal For: Hot weather, natural and eco-friendly choice.

9. Microfiber:

  • Description: Ultra-soft and moisture-wicking, microfiber nighties offer a smooth and comfortable experience.
  • Ideal For: Wick away sweat, active sleepers, all seasons.

10. Fleece:

  • Description: Soft, plush, and warm, fleece nighties provide exceptional coziness during colder months.
  • Ideal For: Winter nights, added insulation and comfort.

Conclusion: When choosing a nighty, it’s essential to consider factors like fabric, style, and your personal preferences. These Above-night brands offer an array of options, ensuring you’ll find the perfect nightwear to enjoy a restful night’s sleep while looking stylish and elegant.

FAQs on Nightwear

Is it Nighty or nighties?

Both terms are correct, but they refer to different things. “Nighty” typically refers to a single nightdress, while “nighties” is the plural form, indicating multiple nightdresses.

What is a Nighty used for?

A nighty is a loose-fitting nightdress worn for sleeping. It provides comfort and allows freedom of movement during sleep.

Can I wear a bra under a Nighty?

It depends on personal preference. Some women prefer to wear a bra under their nighty for added support, while others find it more comfortable without one. It’s entirely up to the individual.

Which clothes are best for the night?

Fabrics like cotton, satin, silk, and modal are popular choices for nightwear. These materials are breathable, soft on the skin, and provide comfort during sleep.

Is a Nighty good to wear?

Nighties are comfortable and suitable for sleepwear. They come in various styles and materials, allowing individuals to choose one that suits their preferences and provides a good night’s sleep.

Which fabric is more comfortable for a night dress?

Cotton is often considered the most comfortable fabric for nightwear due to its breathability and softness. However, personal comfort preferences may vary.

What should girls wear at night?

Girls can wear comfortable nightdresses, pajamas, or shorts paired with a T-shirt or a tank top. The key is to choose breathable and soft fabrics for a good night’s sleep.

Which dress is suitable for a girl at night?

Suitable nightwear for girls includes pajama sets, nightdresses, shorts with tops, or comfortable loungewear. The choice depends on personal style and comfort preferences.