Sarees, the epitome of elegance and grace, deserve nothing less than the perfect ironing touch. But with a plethora of irons on the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. Fear not, saree enthusiasts!

This article unveils the top 10 irons, meticulously chosen to cater to the delicate needs of your sarees. Note: make sure to Dry Clean Saree or wash the saree before ironing, and this guide can be applied to Branded Sarees to all types of sarees. and always use Best Saree Detergents for washing.

Top 10 Best Saree Irons Online

Top 10 Best Saree Irons Online
Top 10 Best Saree Irons Online
Saree Iron ModelSaree FeaturesBest Iron for Saree Types
Philips GC1742/30 IronCeramic soleplate, Continuous steam, Variable temperature controlCotton, Silk, Synthetic
Bosch TDA2340 EasyComfort IronPowerful steam function, Calc’nClean function, 3-way auto shut-offCotton, Linen, Silk
Braun TexStyle 7 SI 7057 BK IronFreeGlide 3D soleplate, Precision tip, Variable temperature controlCotton, Silk, Georgette
Prestige PSTIS 2000 Watt Steam IronVertical steam function, Anti-drip system, Self-cleaning functionCotton, Linen, Synthetic
Usha Steam Iron SSI 24002400-watt heating power, Strong steam function, Non-stick soleplateCotton, Linen, Synthetic
Morphy Richards Easy Steam 2000 Steam IronLarge water tank, Anti-calc system, Automatic shut-offCotton, Linen,
Black+Decker BXIR2201IN Steam IronLightweight, Vertical steam function, Triple cleaning systemCotton, Linen, Synthetic
Pigeon Intelli Steam IronIntelligent heat balance, Steam burst function, Anti-drip & anti-scaleCotton, Silk, Synthetic
Havells Fabio Steam IronCeramic-coated soleplate, Continuous steam & spray function, Anti-calc functionCotton, Silk, Synthetic
Maharaja Whiteline Neo 1200-Watt Steam IronCompact & lightweight, Non-stick soleplate, Steam functionCotton, Synthetic
Best Saree Irons Online

Note: While these irons are suitable for various sarees, it is important to always check the care label of your specific saree for the recommended ironing temperature and settings.

  1. Philips GC1742/30 Saree Iron: This iron boasts a ceramic soleplate that glides effortlessly over sarees, preventing snags and maintaining their pristine look. Its continuous steam function tackles stubborn wrinkles, while the variable temperature control ensures safe ironing for diverse fabrics.
  2. Bosch TDA2340 EasyComfort Saree Iron: Experience superior crease removal with Bosch’s powerful steam function. The Calc’nClean function prevents scale buildup, ensuring smooth ironing performance. Additionally, the three-way auto shut-off feature provides peace of mind.
  3. Braun TexStyle 7 SI 7057 BK Saree Iron: This iron features Braun’s FreeGlide 3D soleplate, renowned for its superior maneuverability. It effortlessly navigates around buttons and pleats, ensuring a flawless finish on your sarees. The precision tip allows for crisp ironing in hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Prestige PSTIS 2000 Watt Steam Saree Iron: This powerful iron comes equipped with a vertical steam function, perfect for refreshing and reviving sarees without laying them flat. The anti-drip system prevents water stains, and the self-cleaning function maintains optimal performance.
  5. Usha Steam Iron SSI 2400: This budget-friendly option packs a punch with its 2400-watt heating power and strong steam function. The non-stick soleplate ensures smooth gliding, while the spray function helps tackle stubborn creases.
  6. Morphy Richards Easy Steam 2000 Steam Saree Iron: This iron features a large water tank for extended ironing sessions. The anti-calc system prevents mineral buildup, and the automatic shut-off function ensures safety.
  7. Black+Decker BXIR2201IN Steam Saree Iron: This lightweight iron is perfect for those who find traditional irons cumbersome. The vertical steam function allows for easy steaming of hanging sarees. Additionally, the triple cleaning system keeps the iron performing at its best.
  8. Pigeon Intelli Steam Saree Iron: This iron boasts an intelligent heat balance system that automatically adjusts the temperature based on the fabric. The steam burst function tackles even the most stubborn wrinkles, while the anti-drip and anti-scale features ensure a smooth ironing experience.
  9. Havells Fabio Steam Saree Iron: This iron features a ceramic-coated soleplate that ensures smooth gliding over delicate fabrics. The continuous steam function and spray function work in tandem to remove wrinkles effectively. The anti-calc function prevents mineral buildup.
  10. Maharaja Whiteline Neo 1200-Watt Steam Saree Iron: This compact, lightweight iron is perfect for quick touch-ups. The non-stick soleplate ensures smooth gliding, and the steam helps remove wrinkles from delicate sarees.

Best Iron for Saree Types

Best Iron for Saree Types
Best Iron for Saree Types
  1. Cotton sarees: These sarees are generally easy to iron and can withstand higher temperatures.
  2. Silk sarees: Delicate fabrics like silk require low heat settings and careful handling. Choose an iron with a smooth soleplate and good temperature control. you also should know how to wash silk sarees.
  3. Synthetic sarees: Synthetic sarees like polyester can be prone to melting at high temperatures. Use a low heat setting and be cautious when ironing.
  4. Georgette sarees: This delicate saree fabric requires a cool iron setting and a light touch. Consider using a silk setting or a heat-protective cloth.

Conclusion: choosing the best iron for your sarees depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like soleplate material, steam functions, temperature control, and additional features before making your decision. With the right iron in hand, your sarees will always be ready to make a stunning statement.

FAQs on Saree Iron

Is steam iron good for sarees?

“Yes, steam iron is generally suitable for sarees. It helps in removing wrinkles and creases efficiently. However, it’s essential to follow the saree fabric’s care instructions and use appropriate heat settings to avoid damage.”

How to iron a heavy saree?

“When ironing a heavy saree, start by checking the fabric type and set the iron to the recommended temperature. Iron small sections at a time, use a pressing cloth to protect delicate embellishments, and avoid putting too much weight on the saree.”

What is the cost of a Pattu saree ironing machine?

“The cost of a Pattu saree ironing machine can vary depending on the brand, features, and specifications. Prices may range from a few thousand to higher amounts. It’s advisable to explore options and choose a machine that meets your requirements.”

Which is the best iron for ironing clothes?

“Popular brands like Philips, Rowenta, and Panasonic offer reliable irons with various features such as steam settings, soleplate types, and temperature control.”

Can the saree be ironed?

“Yes, sarees can be ironed to maintain a neat and crisp appearance. However, the ironing method and temperature should be suitable for the saree fabric. Delicate fabrics may require lower heat settings, and using a pressing cloth is advisable.”

How to iron a net saree?

“When ironing a net saree, use a low heat setting on the iron to avoid damaging the delicate fabric. Place a thin cloth or a cotton muslin fabric over the net saree to protect it from direct heat, and iron gently.”

How to steam iron sarees?

“To steam iron sarees, fill the steamer with water and set it to the appropriate temperature for the fabric. Hang the saree vertically, and using the steamer, move it across the fabric, maintaining a slight distance to avoid direct contact.”

Which fiber is best for a saree?

“Common saree fabrics include silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, and more. Each fabric has its unique characteristics, and the best one depends on factors like comfort, style, and occasion.”